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Ways to Give

There are various needs and programs that continually need support and funding. Please accept our thanks for your consideration and donations. To donate please call (229) 931-7415.

Past Donations Given to Phoebe Sumter Medical Center

Below is a list of several of the many donations that came in for the rebuilding of Phoebe Sumter Medical Center and the community.

• Lions International helps PSMC
• Sumter EMC donates $20,000 to PSMC
• PSMC Gets A Helping Hand from Phoebe
• United Methodist women donate over $500 to local hospice
• Local preschool collects $200 for hospital’s “Boo-Boo’s”
• Stegenga & Partners donate $50,000 to Lions Club International for PSMC
• Catholic Christian Communities donates $2000 to PSMC
• Perry Brothers Oil Company Donates $5,000 Each to PSMC
• PSMC Receives $25,000 from Edward B. Dunlap, Jr. Foundation
• Americus High School Class of 1955 Donates to PSMC
• Alabama Youth Raises Money for PSMC
• PSMC receives over $23,000 from Colquitt Regional Medical Center
• Memorial Hospital of Gulfport, MS Donates More Than $13,500 to PSMC
• Citizen’s Bank Donates $50,000 to PSMC
• Wachovia Donates $50,000 to Disaster Relief