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Daisy Award Winners and Recipients

Congratulations to each of our DAISY award recipients. Their incredible commitment to providing exceptional patient care is evidenced in each of their nomination stories listed below.

Anita Garmon, RN: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, 6 A/B

March 2015, Daisy Award Winner - PPMH

"I was recently hospitalized for six days after my major surgery. I had many wonderful nurses while I was there, but Anita stood out because of her genuine caring and kind nature. I was going through a difficult time and she was extremely understanding and kind to me. When my family couldn't be there, she comforted me and made sure I had anything and everything I needed. She was my nurse for the last three of my six night stay. On her second night with me, she told me I was the first person she thought of when she woke up that day. That meant so much to me. The fact that she showed so much love and kindness to a complete stranger shows how wonderful of a person she is both personally and professionally. I did not get to say goodbye to Anita that last morning before I went home, but wanted to hug her and thank her, so this will have to serve as that hug and thank you. I don't know who sees this, but I hope you will share it with her and let her know how much her kindness meant to me during a very difficult time in my life. Thank you Anita."
-- The Patient

Kent Ricker, RN: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, 3 A/B

February 2015, Daisy Award Winner - PPMH

"Mr. Kent went above and beyond. He was more than a nurse the night I was in excruciating pain. I have never had a complete stranger care so selflessly for me. Pain meds weren’t helping. I was in misery.

He just stayed by my side, telling me “we’re going to get you through this,” offering this or that. I’m being very short with him, “that won’t work.” He went to the baby floor and got newborn feet warmers, taped them on my back where it hurt, then he raced back down and came back with ice packs. He put one under my arm at my swollen glands and placed one on my stomach. Then he started telling me funny stories, got my mind focused on his comical stories and not the pain. Then I realized I had quit hurting. I had pancreatitis and a cyst on my liver which is very painful. I told him that he deserves a nurse of the year award. Mr. Kent is an awesome nurse and a wonderful, patient person."
-- The Patient

Crystal Cook, RN: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, 4 A/B

January 2015, Daisy Award Winner - PPMH

"My mother  received Triple Bypass surgery at Phoebe and Crystal Cook was the Lead Nurse prior to her surgery. Once my mother returned to the 4th floor after surgery and ICU, the first nurse she asked for was Crystal. Originally another nurse was assigned to my mother and once Crystal learned that my mother was back on the 4th floor she asked if she could be the Lead Nurse since she was her nurse prior to surgery. I, my mother, nor anyone in my family asked for Crystal to be her post surgery nurse.  All family members including my mother (the patient) felt a sincere and professional caring & trust by Crystal.

Ms. Cook kept my mother and her family well informed of the nature of her condition, she didn't give any of us a false since of hope, and most importantly she made my mother feel at ease knowing that everything was going to be fine. Somehow Ms. Cook knew that my mother, brother, and I loved to cook and she felt that we were getting nervous about the upcoming surgery, she lighten the atmosphere by sharing traditional Southern recipes with us. This truly uplifted my mother spirits.

I remember during each shift change, she brought the nurse into my mother's room, introduced him/her to my mother and I, and she went over my mom's care that she gave her in our presence while making sure either of us had any questions/concerns prior to her end of shift. Surely that's most likely not required however; her sincerity made the entire family feel extremely comfortable.

Ms. Cook's unwavering professionalism, honesty, caring, and sincerity is a root cause of my mother's approach to her procedure and her speedy recovery. On behalf of my mother, her sisters & brothers, nephews, nieces, and most importantly her sons we wish Ms. Cook the very best in her endeavors as a nurse."
-- Family Member of a Patient


Connie Gurley, RN: Phoebe Sumter Medical Center, 3rd Floor

1st Quarter 2015, Daisy Award Winner - PSMC

"Connie goes above and beyond her call of duty in my opinion. I’ve seen her cut her lunch break short to help out the ER start a line or not take a lunch at all. She’s always willing to help out…exemplifies nursing at its finest.”

“Connie is very caring and technically proficient nurse. She juggles an ever changing schedule in PTM. She will alter her personal work schedule and come in on an off day to give a patient an infusion if she is worried they might become ill or be unable to go through the emergency department. She spends as much time as needed to educate her patients and families. She gets them completely involved in her care. She seeks out updates to provide the best care. As a specialized PICC nurse, she created and presented an educational program to the nursing homes and home health agencies in the community to ensure her patients had the best of care and had their PICC lines managed by best practice while outside the facility. She volunteers in her community and she always volunteers to help with flu vaccine administration for staff and families without being asked. She should be cloned!”   -- Fellow Co-Workers


Caroline Shennett, RN: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, 7 A/B

December 2014, Daisy Award Winner - PPMH

"When my loved one was moved to the 7th floor, we met some great caretakers. However, one nurse impressed us above the rest. Her name is Caroline Shennett. She has a very special gift and it shows. My loved one suffered from a severe stroke, cancer in his brain, lungs, stomach and adrenal glands. He could not talk and found it hard to focus. She had a calming effect on him and was very empathetic.

She has a special gift, a calming influence and empathetic manner. Not only was she kind and caring to our loved one, but she was extremely sweet and caring to us when we talked with her about concerns.  She went out of her way to make sure that we knew who she was and to clarify information as it related to our loved one’s condition. She was pleasant, friendly and very, very approachable. I don't think that people realize what a difference that makes!

This has been such a stressful time for us and even more so for my loved one. Caroline has gone out of her way to be helpful during this time in our lives. Her calm and reassuring manner made us feel that the questions or concerns we had were being heard and that it was no aggravation for us to ask.

I (we) are thankful that she was there when our loved one was first admitted to the 7th floor. All the staff members have been great and so very appreciated."   -- Family Member of a Patient