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Daisy Award Winners and Recipients

Congratulations to each of our DAISY award recipients. Their incredible commitment to providing exceptional patient care is evidenced in each of their nomination stories listed below.

Caroline Shennett, RN: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, 7 A/B

December 2014 Daisy Award Winner

"When my loved one was moved to the 7th floor, we met some great caretakers. However, one nurse impressed us above the rest. Her name is Caroline Shennett. She has a very special gift and it shows. My loved one suffered from a severe stroke, cancer in his brain, lungs, stomach and adrenal glands. He could not talk and found it hard to focus. She had a calming effect on him and was very empathetic.

She has a special gift, a calming influence and empathetic manner. Not only was she kind and caring to our loved one, but she was extremely sweet and caring to us when we talked with her about concerns.  She went out of her way to make sure that we knew who she was and to clarify information as it related to our loved one’s condition. She was pleasant, friendly and very, very approachable. I don't think that people realize what a difference that makes!

This has been such a stressful time for us and even more so for my loved one. Caroline has gone out of her way to be helpful during this time in our lives. Her calm and reassuring manner made us feel that the questions or concerns we had were being heard and that it was no aggravation for us to ask.

I (we) are thankful that she was there when our loved one was first admitted to the 7th floor. All the staff members have been great and so very appreciated."   -- Family Member of a Patient