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Paving the Way for Radiology in Southwest Georgia

Phoebe is on the leading edge of diagnostics, reinvesting every year in state-of-the-art equipment and bringing the best radiology talent to Southwest Georgia.

To better serve the community, Phoebe is equipped with diagnostic services available throughout the region:

Radiology Locations & Services:

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Imaging Services

Radiology is the branch of medicine that creates images of the body's internal structure.

Using cutting-edge technologies, radiologists at Phoebe are able to examine images of a patient's organs, bones and soft tissue.

These images allow doctors and radiologists to more accurately diagnose ailments and see how effectively different parts of the body are functioning.

For more information about radiology services at the main campus, please call (229) 312-1176.
For Meredyth Place, call (229) 312-0200.