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Oncology & Surgery Center

The Oncology & Sugery Center is a 20,300 square foot facility that houses multiple specialties. Below you can click on a physician's name and learn more about that physician as well as get contact information for that facility.

First Floor / Suite A

Oncology & Hematology Clinic

Oncologists will begin seeing patients at this location upon opening of the new hospital

First Floor / Suite B

Phoebe Sumter Cardiology Associates

Phoebe Sumter Neurology Associates

Second Floor / Suite C

Phoebe Sumter Surgical Associates

Phoebe Sumter Urology Associates

For more information, please call the clinic and department you need at the following number. Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Kothari, (229) 931-7159. Dr. Joyner and Joyner, Dr. Sheff, and Dr. Omess, (229) 931-7160. Oncology and Hematology Clinic physicians, (229) 931-1381.