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Wellness & Education Center

 The Wellness & Education Center at Phoebe Sumter offers a variety of services.

The 18,400 square foot facility is home to:

  • Phoebe Sumter Orthopedic Associates
  • Wellness
  • Fitness & Education
  • Wound Care
  • Rehabilitative Medicine (physical, speech and occupational therapy)

Phoebe Sumter Orthopedic Associates  offers the latest treatment in orthopedics. Learn more about the specialists at Phoebe Sumter Orthopedic Associates:

To find out more about orthopedic services they provide, please call (229) 931-6830.

Wound Care

For more information regarding wound care services in Americus, please call (229) 924-6011.

Rehabilitative Medicine

Rehabilitative Medicine offers a pillar of support with a slapte of services including:

  • Physical
  • Speech
  • Occupational therapy

The Rehabilitative Medicine staff focuses on providing quality care to every patient. To achieve this goal, clinicians perform extensive hands-on therapy for each individual. Rehabilitative Medicine features a state-of-the-art gym and treatment rooms, all to help patients through the therapy process and return to a normal lifestyle.

For an appointment or additional information, please call (229) 937.5321.