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Pink Ribbons Go Up for Breast Cancer

Albany, GA

WFXL Fox 31
Jennifer Maddox Parks

ALBANY, Ga. -- If you haven't already seen the pink ribbons and signs popping up, here's a reminder that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Folks at Phoebe Worth Medical Center invited survivors out Thursday to share their stories.

“Mine was personal. It was through the shower and I found a lump in my breast and in fact I discredited it because I’d had several fibrocystic lumps before,” said Karen Rackley, a cancer survivor and the Vice President of the Worth County Chamber.

Rackley says by catching her cancer early she was able to avoid some of the things that other people have gone through.

She’s a prime example of why doctors stress early detection tactics like mammograms and home exams.

“I recommend that women do their self breast exams at home as well because sometimes they're the ones that catch the cancer first,” said Andrea Whiddon, Phoebe Worth Medical Center Nurse Practitioner.

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