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Phoebe Sumter to host 5th Annual Men's Health Conference

Albany, GA

News Release - Marcus Johnson
Phoebe Sumter Marketing and Public Relations

Americus, GA– Phoebe Sumter Medical Center will host its 5th Annual Men’s Health Conference on Saturday, September 14 from 7:30 a.m. to 11 am at the Student Success Center on the campus of Georgia Southwestern State University.

This year’s focus will be on Hypertension (High blood pressure), known as the “Silent Killer” because often times there are no symptoms for this condition. The goal is to break the silence on hypertension by making it the theme of this conference.

Over time, the increased pressure can cause a wide range of problems for those who suffer from hypertension. Small bulges, called aneurysms, may form in blood vessels. The heart can become enlarged, increasing the danger of heart failure. Damage to blood vessels in the kidneys can cause them to fail. Because tiny blood vessels in the eyes are especially vulnerable to damage, hypertension can lead to vision problems and even blindness.

“High blood pressure is a serious problem in our nation for both men and women, especially in our community” said Marcus Johnson, Marketing & PR Director for Phoebe Sumter. “Some numbers estimate that as many as 1 out of 3 Americans have this condition, and many don’t know it. Since high blood pressure can lead to deadly conditions such as heart attacks and strokes, we want to put an emphasis on it this year by talking about it and of course through screenings such as blood pressure checks. Since diet and exercise can also affect high blood pressure, we will have information on hand on that discusses healthy options for both.”

In addition to free blood pressure screenings, there will also be other free screenings such as glucose and cholesterol and a number of vendors will be on hand as well. Guest speakers will be Jeremy Joyner, MD (General Surgery) and Malcolm Floyd, MD (Family Practice). There will even be a Zumba demonstration for those who would like to participate.

For more information regarding the conference, please call (229) 924-6011.

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