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Your Opinion: In praise of Dr. Collier

Albany, GA

The Americus Times-Recorder

Your Opinion: August 21, 2013

AMERICUS — In praise of Dr. Collier

I read with interest and pride the recent article that appeared in the Times-Recorder August 17 on the recent arrival of Kristin Collier to the medical community in Americus.

I had the honor of being her program director during her residency at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon over the past five years. In other words, I was her boss and supervised her training. In almost 30 years of being involved in surgical education have seen scores of surgical trainees from dozens of medical schools; small schools like Mercer to big ones like Harvard.

Dr Collier is among a small handful that combines grace, intelligence, and dexterity that puts her in the very top of graduating trainees. In short order she will be among the best in her profession.

Douglas Joyner deserves credit in supporting her decision to continue her training. She was an exemplary physician's assistant, yet he made the unselfish decision to encourage her to pursue medical training, depriving him of a valued employee for a decade. Now he has a trusted colleague.

Dr Joyner's sacrifice of his assistant and Dr Collier's loyalty to her hometown exemplifies the best of small town America. Your community is truly fortunate to have these professionals claim Americus as home.

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