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New heart catheterization technology comes to Phoebe

Albany, GA

News Release - Casey Dixon
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Public Relations

Americus, Ga–  PhoebePutney Memorial Hospitalhas completed the installation of a cutting-edge cardiovascular imaging system that supports high-resolution imaging for cardiac and vascular procedures.

“The new Philips FD-20 cardiac imaging technology improves our ability to care for and manage complex cardiovascular disease,” said Dr. Steven Wolinsky, a member of Phoebe Cardiology Associates and a cardiologist specializing in cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology.

The imaging equipment also improves patient safety. It uses less radiation while providing better images to the treating physician, and features an 82-inch smart screen, compared to a 21-inch screen of earlier technology. In addition, the new system allows for the use of a lower level of contrast material, which is better for the patient’s renal system.

This new system’s 3D image guidance tools provide extra support for complex minimally invasive procedures.

“The most important advantage of this equipment is that it allows us to deliver faster, more accurate diagnosis and treatment,” Dr. Wolinsky said.

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