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Phoebe Sumter Receives Quality-Based Accreditation from DNV

Albany, GA

Phoebe Sumter Medical Center
Marketing/Public Relations Department,
Marcus Johnson

AMERICUS, GA -- March 7, 2013 — Phoebe Sumter Medical Center (PSMC) is proud to announce that it has achieved full national accreditation from DNV Healthcare, the only hospital accreditation program approved by the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that integrates the ISO 9001 Quality Management System with the Medicare Conditions of Participation. DNV’s NIAHOR accreditation program requires hospitals to evaluate the continuum of patient care throughout its facilities and take measured steps to improve when it is warranted.

“The DNV program is more consistent with our long-term commitment to patient safety and total quality,” said Joel Wernick, President & CEO of Phoebe Putney Health System, of which Phoebe Sumter is an entity of. “There has not been a new approach to hospital accreditation in a very long time. The ability to integrate ISO 9001 quality disciplines with our clinical and financial processes is a major step forward.”

Phoebe Sumter Medical Center did exceptionally well in the survey process, according to Keith Petersen, CEO of Phoebe Sumter Medical Center.

“The surveyors were very complimentary of our staff and the procedures we have in place,” said Petersen. “They told us that we had the fewest number of deficiencies for a hospital that was undergoing its first accreditation process with them, and we received the ultimate compliment when one of the surveyors said she would have no problem being a patient at our facility.”

“This is a testament to the leaders in our organization and our dedicated employees,” said Petersen. “They work day in and day out to make sure our patients are safe and get the care they need to get better.”

DNV hospital accreditation addresses the demands of today’s hospitals dedicated to patient-centered care. As part of the accreditation process, DNV surveyors will visit Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital annually instead of every three years, as was done previously. They monitor the hospital’s adherence to patient safety criteria established by CMS, but also evaluate processes that impact patient care across various departments and facilities of the hospital.

About DNV Healthcare

DNV Healthcare Inc. is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a part of Det Norske Veritas, a global independent foundation dedicated to safeguarding life, property and the environment. DNV has a worldwide reputation for quality and integrity in certification and extensive international healthcare experience.

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