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Hundreds Attend FREE Screening

Albany, GA

Several hundred people took time out from their Valentine’s Day shopping to check on the most important heart of all, their own.

In Albany, more than 200 people participated in Phoebe’s Love Your Heart event at the Albany Mall. Phoebe Sumter also offered free blood pressure readings to shoppers at Wal-Mart and Winn Dixie in Americus where more than 100 people stopped to get a free reading. Hospital and community volunteers manned tables to complete blood pressure checks and talk about healthy heart habits.

“This is a great annual event and a great way to show your love to someone else, by taking care of your heart and keeping it healthy,” said Darrell Sabbs, Phoebe Community Benefits Coordinator. “We had 35 volunteers making this blood pressure screening and information session available to the community. We enjoy making this available to people as they shop for that special gift at the Mall. The Mall folks have been wonderful partners in providing a convenient location at no charge. We can’t thank them enough for their strong commitment to community and to health,” he said.

“A lot of people were kind of wary of knowing their blood pressure, but we tried to encourage as many as we could and we appreciate everyone who took time to get their blood pressure read,” said Marcus Johnson, Phoebe Sumter Director of Marketing & PR. “Having high blood pressure can put you at risk for a number of heart related diseases, including heart attacks and strokes, and it’s called the silent killer because so many people don’t know about it. Hopefully, we were able to enlighten some of those who had their pressure read and get them to think about the importance of knowing your status.”

Thank to: The Albany Mall, Americus Winn Dixie and Wal-Mart and their leadership, Sumter County Health Department and its staff for helping with the readings as well as the Georgia Southwestern State University Nursing students. Thanks to the dedicated staff members at Phoebe who gave of their time to make sure all events were successful.

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