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Kohl's presents check to Phoebe's Network of Trust

Albany, GA

WALB News 10
Taylor Sanders

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Thursday morning Kohl's Department Store donated a check worth $10,418 to Phoebe Putney's Middle School Health Program.

It's all part of the Kohl's Care program that helps to support health fairs that provide free screenings and information to eight graders in nine local middle schools.

Officials with Kohl's presented the check to Phoebe Thursday morning at Albany Middle School as students attended one of the free health fairs.

Officials say the check represents Kohl's efforts to keep the money local.

"In 2011, we joined with Network of Trust so we have been trying very hard to become partnerships here locally so our money can stay here in our city," says Kohl's store manager Paulette Williams.

"This feels like Christmas morning, absolutely like Christmas morning. We just have some of the neatest free things to offer students and it's all because of Kohl's," says Phoebe nurse Debbie McAfen.

Since 2011, Kohl's has donated more than $20,000 to Phoebe and their Network of Trust initiative.

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