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Physician urges early detection

Albany, GA

Albany Herald
Pete Skiba

A physician with Phoebe Cancer Center hit a light note to start her talk about the serious subject of breast cancer at the Exchange Club of Albany Friday.

Although the Exchange Club is no longer exclusively male, Shawnta Speer said she had a reason to speak on the subject to men as well as women.

“I guess men love breasts, so it will be appropriate,” Speer said. “But Breast cancer is rare but does occur in men.”

Audience members did note that although the club is mostly men, nearly everyone at the lunch had a wife or a sister — and definitely a mother. Everyone paid more than merely polite attention to Speer.

“My point is to emphasize early detection,” Speer said. “It is important that you guys talk to your women and make sure that they examine themselves and visit the doctor yearly.”

Speer said that if caught in the early stages, the breast cancer survival rate is better than 90 percent. If it spreads through the region of the breast, the survival rate is more than 80 percent.

Running through the various treatments for the second-leading cause of death in women, Speer said that Phoebe Oncology Services offers the best in the field.

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