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An Olympic gold medalist made a stop in Albany

Albany, GA

WALB News 10
Written By: Gianna Caserta

Olympic Speed Skater Dan Jansen, who won a Gold Medal at the 1994 Winter Games in Norway, spoke to Phoebe physicians and southwest Georgia coaches about his journey.

Jansen was the guest speaker for the Regional Coaches Sports symposium hosted by Phoebe Orthopaedic Specialty Clinic and Sports Medicine.

They discussed strength and conditioning, injuries, proper stretching and concussions. Even a local speed skating team came out to see the gold medalist.

"It is pretty cool especially down this way, granted it's rollers, but I didn't expect many speed skaters to come out in the middle of January, so it was a really nice surprise," says Dan Jansen, Olympic Gold Medalist.

The symposium is the second half of a two part event that will earn grade school coaches credit for Professional Learning.

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