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BACKtoGOLF at Phoebe Physical Medicine Center

BACKtoGOLF is a fitness and performance program for all levels of golfers that can dramatically improve the golf swing motion by increasing flexibility and strength.

BACKtoGOLF will raise your level of awareness pertaining to the importance of golf fitness in improving distance, consistency, and accuracy. BACKtoGOLF trainers know that the solution to improving your golf game is in developing a better golf body.

Phoebe Physical Medicine Center at Phoebe Northwest is the first licensed BACKtoGOLF Network member in Georgia. Many of Phoebe’s licensed physical therapists and athletic trainers have been trained in the BACKtoGOLF program, including evaluation; soft tissue and mobilization techniques; swing training and exercise prescription.

The Performance Program is designed for the recreational and professional golfer who wants to improve his/her golf game. It is customized for each individual golfer as compared to a generic fitness program.
  • relieves back pain and other injuries sustained as a result of golf
  • improves flexibility, strength, balance and coordination
  • is easy, convenient and anybody can join the program with a physician referral
If you are interested in participating in this program, or would like further information, contact Phoebe Physical Medicine Center weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 229-312-8700.