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Phoebe East ConvenientCare

While Phoebe's regional Emergency Center is the place for all life-threatening situations, ConvenientCare is the appropriate place to receive treatment for minor injuries and ailments. At Phoebe East ConvenientCare you'll receive prompt attention and it costs less than an emergency room visit.

Phoebe East Corporate Health and Corporate
Onsite Services

Phoebe Corporate Health and Corporate Onsite Services is used as a primary source of care for minor and non-urgent work-related injuries and illnesses. The program is designed to help corporations and organizations manage their employee injuries and workplace productivity.

100 Years: A Century of Commitment
Every day all across Southwest Georgia, farmers, teachers and craftsmen work to help the region grow, making our future brighter every day. And as they do, there's a health care system, one of America's best doing the same thing, growing with our region to assure your family access to world-class health care every day ....