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The physicians, nurses, social workers and other members of the hematology/oncology team in the Phoebe Cancer Center all work together to provide the highest quality of care for Phoebe’s cancer patients. No patient at the Phoebe Cancer Center ever faces the disease alone; each patient has many professionals in their corner fighting for them.

As a major cancer center, Phoebe’s hematology/oncology team is involved in helping develop new forms of treatment for patients who undergo chemotherapy.
  • Anti-nausea drugs and other methods are used to diminish side effects of therapy
  • Minimize irritation at the site of drug administration
  • Diminish low blood count
  • Reduce weakness and fatigue
Chemotherapy uses specific medicines to kill cancer cells. It's the most useful method of attacking cancers that aren't within reach of surgery or radiation, and may be used to destroy cancer cells still remaining after these treatments. Chemotherapy is also used concurrently with radiation therapy.


Practice Operations

Phone: 229-312-7141

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