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Executive and Senior Leadership Team

Executive Leadership


Joel Wernick

President / Chief Executive Officer
Phoebe Putney Health System

Judith Clay

Executive Coordinator to the President / Chief Executive Officer

Joe Austin

Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer

Lauren Ray

Executive Director, Phoebe Foundation


Senior Leadership


Tommy Chambless

Senior Vice President/Government Relations

Dawn Benson

Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Brian Church

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Flowers

Senior Vice President, Operations

Richard Ray

Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer

Laura Shearer, RN

Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer

Tom Sullivan

Senior Vice President, Operations

Audrey Pike

Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer

Bob Farr

Vice President, Chief Risk Management Officer

Brad Hallford

Vice President, Operations

Jesse Diaz

Vice President Information Systems


Victor Garcia

Vice President, Emergency Services

Linda Van der Merwe

Vice President Oncology Services

Maureen Jackson

Vice President, Surgical Services

Tracy Morgan

Vice President, Women's & Children's Services


Medical Leadership


Steven Kitchen, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Suresh Lakhanpal, MD

President, Phoebe Physician Group