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Phoebe Pediatric Unit: A Level of Pediatric Care second to None in Southwest Georgia

Phoebe’s Pediatric Unit provides quality care and expertise for children in need of medical treatment in Southwest Georgia.

The unit offers a safe environment that is properly equipped and furnished, adequately supported and staffed to handle the needs that may arise.

We have a pediatric-friendly treatment room and parents are encouraged to stay with their children during procedures and during their stay.

Our pediatric unit offers:

  • Meals served to one parent three times a day
  • A couch in each patient room that turns into a bed
  • A pediatric transport team for emergency transportation to a referral hospital

Parents and grandparents of pediatric patients may visit at any time. Other visitors should follow the hospital’s general visiting hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Pediatric Treatment and Recovery Through Paws Patrol

The Paws Patrol, a dog volunteer therapy group, plays an active role in helping to treat our pediatric patients. This special group of four-legged volunteers has visited Phoebe, sharing love and laughter with patients for more than 10 years.

Paws Patrol visits the Pediatric Unit and children at 3 p.m. every Wednesday.

For more information about the Pediatric Unit at Phoebe, please call (229) 312-2930.