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Albany Community Hospice

Albany Community Hospice, a home-based program that provides palliative care to patients in Southwest Georgia with a limited life expectancy. For those facing an end-of-life illness, Albany Community Hospice focuses on maintaining quality of remaining life.

Expect Comfort and Compassion

With Albany Community Hospice, patients can expect comfort and compassion, but there is more. While hospice is known for emotional support, we also offer the best in symptom control and pain management.

The hospice team includes board certified physicians, registered nurses, social workers, home health aides, chaplains, bereavement counselors and volunteers. The hospice nurse leads the experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to alleviating pain and distress. This team works with patients to identify specific needs and develop a plan that accommodates those needs. This care is provided in collaboration with the patient's physician and the medical director of Albany Community Hospice.

For more information about services at Albany Community Hospice, please call
(229) 312-7050 or 800-417-0057.

Donations may be made to Albany Community Hospice or Willson Hospice House by sending to Albany Community Hospice, c/o Phoebe Foundation, P. O. Box 3770, Albany, Georgia 31706 or online by visiting: www.supportphoebe.org/hospice