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2012 Texas West Nile Outbreak Linked to Mild Winter

400 Now Sickened in Stomach Bug Outbreak

49 Now Sickened in Hepatitis A Outbreak Tied to Frozen Berry Mix

61 Now Sickened in Hepatitis A Outbreak Tied to Frozen Berry Mix

AIDS Virus in Cats Might Help Human Vaccine Effort, Study Hints

Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Up Among Hospitalized Kids: Study

Antibiotics May Be Linked to Serious Infections in Children

Are Slimmer, More Attractive Men More Germ-Free?

As African Ebola Outbreak Spreads, Hopes for Vaccine Remain Years Away

As More Meningitis Cases Hit Colleges, Experts Urge Awareness

Asian Tiger Mosquito Could Spread U.S. Disease

Avoid Antibiotics in Pill Form for 'Swimmer's Ear,' New Guidelines Say

Bacteria Infection Risk May Be Higher for Pregnant Women With Diabetes

Bacteria May Survive Longer in Contact Lens Solution Than Thought

Bacterial 'Autopsy' Could Speed Antibiotic Discovery: Study

Bacterial Infection's Spread Occurs Beyond Health Care Settings: Study

Binge Drinking May Slow Wound Healing

Bird Flu Doesn't Spread Easily to Humans, Scientists Say

Bisexual Men Aren't at Greater HIV Risk: Review

Blood Test May Catch Deadly Fungal Infection Quickly

Blueberries, Red Grapes May Boost Body's Immune Function

Breast Milk Bought Online May Contain Harmful Germs: Study

Britain's King Richard III Likely Had Roundworms

Can You Skip Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infection?

Cases in Stomach Bug Outbreak Continue to Climb

Cases Reported in Stomach Bug Outbreak Top 600

Cat Bites May Lead to Serious Infections, Hospitalizations

Cat Poop May Pose Health Risk

CDC Frees Up Drug That Fights Brain-Eating Amoeba

CDC Guidelines Could Cut Bloodstream Infections From Dialysis

CDC Reports More Americans Getting Flu Shots

CDC Sounds Alarm on Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

CDC: 87 Now Sickened in Hepatitis A Outbreak Tied to Frozen Berry Mix

Certain Antibiotics Tied to Blood Sugar Swings in Diabetics

China Bird Flu Appears to Have Spread From Person to Person

China's New Bird Flu Might Put People at Risk, Report Says

Closing Chinese Poultry Markets Stalled Bird Flu's Spread to People

College Students Should Get a Flu Shot

College Women: Have a Healthy Spring Break

Colon Cancer Linked to Mouth Infection, Gum Disease?

Common Strep Bacteria May Be Morphing Into 'Superbug'

Company Tied to Stomach Bug Outbreak Stops Shipments to U.S.

Could Adaptable Bacteria Cause Repeat Urinary Tract Infections?

Could E. Coli Vaccine for Cows Cut Human Infections?

Could Infections Harm Memory in Older Adults?

Country Singer Randy Travis in Critical Condition With Heart Infection

Country Singer Randy Travis Suffers a Stroke

'Cycling' Antibiotics Might Help Combat Resistance, Study Suggests

Dangerous Bacteria Can Lurk Inside Nose, Study Finds

Daycare Surfaces May Hold Germs Longer Than Thought

Deadly MERS Virus Detected in Camels

Deadly Respiratory Infection Took Hold in Bats, Study Says

Deadly Respiratory Virus Has Passed Between Animals, Humans Before

Deadly 'Super Bug' Controlled in Large Study of Hospitals

Details Emerge on Rabies Transplant Death

Doctors Cautiously Optimistic About 'Cure' for HIV-Infected Babies

Doctors' Germ-Laden Stethoscope May Spread Nasty Bacteria

Dog Cancer Dates Back 11,000 Years, Scientists Say

E. Coli 'Superbug' May Pose Major Health Threat: Study

Early Course of HIV Therapy May Give Infants a Break From Drugs

Early Elective Childbirth May Raise Health Risks for Babies, Moms: Study

Early Respiratory Infection May Double Type 1 Diabetes Risk: Study

Early, Severe Flu Season Caused Big Rise in Child Deaths: CDC

Expectant Mothers' Colds May Affect Baby

Experimental Measles Drug Shows Promise in Animal Trials

Experimental Treatment May Help Fight Deadly Ebola Virus

Eye-Catching Labels Urged for Fast-Tracked Antibiotics

Eyelash Extension Adhesives May Cause Bad Reactions

FDA Approves New Treatment for Hepatitis C Infection

FDA Proposes New Safety Rules for Imported Food

FDA Seeks to Improve Safety of Antiseptic Swabs

FDA to Limit Use of Antibiotics in Farm Animals

FDA Wants Tighter Rules on Antibacterial Soaps, Body Washes

First Aid Tips for Treating Cuts, Scrapes and Puncture Wounds

First Effective Malaria Vaccine May Be Near, Experts Say

'Five-Second' Food Rule May Be Real, Study Finds

Flip-Flops May Put You on Path to Foot Trouble

Flu Can Infect Many Without Causing Symptoms: Study

Flu Can Kill Even Healthy Children, Study Finds

Flu Hits Unvaccinated Hardest, Study Finds

Flu Season Off to Slow Start . . .

Flu Spreads Quickest Among Kids, Teachers, Health-Care Workers

For Dialysis Patients, It Was a Honey of An Idea

For Uninfected Partner, Antiretroviral Drugs May Shield Against HIV

Fungus From Tainted Steroid Shots Migrated to Base of Brain, Study Shows

Gene Study Helps Advance Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis

Gene Therapy for Controlling HIV Shows Early Promise

Germs in the Gym

Getting Teeth Pulled Before Heart Surgery May Pose Serious Risks

Gut Bacteria in Preemies Altered by Hospital Stay, Study Finds

Gut Bacteria in Preemies Could Lead to Life-Threatening Infections

H1N1 Flu Spreading in South-Central U.S.

Hand Hygiene Lacking in Many U.S. Health Care Facilities: Study

Hand Washing, Zinc May Ward Off Colds: Review

Health Care Workers Wash Hands More When Patients Watching

Health Tip: Caring for a Hangnail

Health Tip: Don't Bite Your Nails

Health Tip: Finding Fungal Infections

Health Tip: Stay Safe at the Nail Salon

Heart Infection Causing Fewer Hospitalizations, Researchers Say

Heavier Pregnant Women Tend to Deliver Prematurely

Hepatitis B Screening Proposed for All High-Risk Adults

Hepatitis B Vaccination Cuts Deaths From Liver Disease, Cancer: Study

Hepatitis C Patients With HIV May Face Higher Risk of Liver Disease

Hepatitis C Rates Vary Among U.S. Hispanic Groups

Hidden Dangers Dog Dog Parks

Higher HIV Infection Rates Seen in Mental Health Patients: Study

HIV Resistance Mapped by Gene Researchers

HIV Transmission Between Women Rare, But Possible: CDC

HIV-Positive Inmates Benefit From Drug Treatment, Study Says

Hormone Therapy May Cut Risk of Repeat Joint Replacement Surgery in Women

Hospital Safety Improves for Heart Patients, Study Finds

Hospital-Acquired Infections Cost $10 Billion a Year: Study

Hospital-Related Infections Hit Nearly 650,000 Patients in 2011: CDC

How Safe Is Your Local Beach?

HPV Vaccine Lowering Infection Rates Among Girls: CDC

Immune Protein Found to Block HIV Spread in Some People

Infant Vaccines Also Protect Seniors Against Pneumonia: Study

Infants Exposed to Smoking in Womb at Risk of Infections, Death: Study

Infections From Tainted Spine Injections Continue to Baffle Investigators

Infections From Tainted Steroids Ranged in Severity: Update

Infections Rare in Outpatient Surgery Procedures, Study Finds

Infection-Triggered Strokes Deadlier for Blacks, Study Finds

Keep Lice Off Your Child's Head

Kids' Ear Infections Cost U.S. Health System Nearly $3B Annually: Report

Kitchen Cutting Boards Can Harbor Drug-Resistant Germs: Study

Lessons Learned From Cantaloupe-Listeria Outbreak

Lethal New Virus in Monkeys Shows Potential to Infect Humans

Liquid Tamiflu for Kids in Short Supply

Listeria Outbreak Prompts Cheese Recall

Living Near Major Roadways in Pregnancy Tied to Respiratory Woes in Children

Man Relapsed After Treatment for Meningitis Tied to Tainted Injections

Many Hospitals Ineffectively Treat Bloodstream Infections, Study Suggests

Many Kids Who Undergo Stem Cell Transplants Must Return to Hospital

Many Public Pools Contaminated With Human Waste: CDC

Many U.S. Hospitals Fall Short in Preventing Infections

Many Young Americans Unaware They're Infected With HIV

Many Young Americans With HIV Delay Treatment: Study

Measles Cases Linked to U.S. Adoptions of Chinese Children: CDC

Measles Outbreak Hits Texas Megachurch

Measles Still a Threat, U.S. Health Officials Warn

Medical Harm Occurs in Nearly 43 Million Hospital Cases Each Year

Medicine Might Help Shield Injection Drug Abusers From HIV

Meds That Prevent HIV Infection Don't Spur Risky Behavior: Study

Meet Henry the Hand: A Crusading Doctor's Right-Hand Man

Men Face Higher Risk of Infections Related to Health Care

MERS Virus May Never Become Big Threat in U.S., Experts Say

MERS Virus That Threatens Humans Also Found in Camels

Meth Use Tied to Deadly Brain Infection in Mouse Study

Mexico Farm Tied to Stomach Bug Back in Operation

Mice Study Sees Link Between Gut Bacteria, Immune Cell Production

Michael Douglas Blames His Throat Cancer on Oral Sex

Midwest Ticks Show Signs of 'Heartland Virus'

More Cases Reported in Stomach Bug Outbreak

More Drug-Resistant Infections Seen in U.S. Children

More Drugs Show Promise in Fighting Hepatitis C

More Evidence That HPV Vaccine Might Lower Cervical Cancer Risk

Mosquitoes With Altered Gene Can't Sniff People Out

MRIs Spot 'Hidden' Fungal Infections From Tainted Steroid Shots

Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Strikes Kids in California

Nail-Gun Injuries on the Rise Among Construction Workers

Nearly 3 Million Americans Living With Hepatitis C

New China Bird Flu May Be Resistant to Tamiflu

New Clues to How Long-Term Drug Therapy Keeps HIV at Bay

New Clues to Link Between MS Drug Tysabri and Rare Brain Disease

New Drug Combo Helps Hard-to-Treat Hepatitis C

New Hepatitis C Drug Approved by FDA

New HIV Strain May Move to AIDS More Quickly: Study

New Tick-Borne Illness May Be Misdiagnosed

New Treatments Show Promise Against Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea

No Evidence That New Bird Flu Passes Between People: Study

No Need to Toss Your Child's Toothbrush After Strep Throat, Study Suggests

Offices With Open Floor Plans Tied to More Sick Days

Old Bones Give Clues to Leprosy's Demise in Europe

Only 1 in 3 HIV-Infected Black Americans Gets Effective Treatment: Study

Only 5 Percent of Restroom Patrons Wash Hands Properly, Study Finds

On-time Use of Routine Vaccine Keeps Kids Out of Hospital

Packing School Lunches With Food Safety in Mind

Partial HPV Vaccine Series May Help Prevent Genital Warts in Girls

Penicillin Prevents Return of Leg Infection Called Cellulitis: Study

Poo in a Pill to Treat Gut Infection?

Poor Oral Hygiene Tied to Cancer-Linked Virus, Study Finds

Pregnant Women May Be More Vulnerable to Potentially Dangerous Infection: Study

Premature 'Water Breaking' During Pregnancy Linked to Bacteria

President's Panel Calls for More Girls, Boys to Get HPV Vaccine

Princeton Students Safe to Travel Despite Meningitis Outbreak: CDC

Recently Emerged MERS Virus Less Infectious Than SARS: Study

Report Questions Effectiveness of Flu Meds

Researchers Discover How Flu Gains Foothold in the Body

Researchers Tie Increased Throat Cancer Cases to HPV Infection

Restaurants Pose Double the Risk of Food Poisoning Compared to Homes: Study

Saliva May Improve With Age for Flu Protection

Salmonella Cases Dip in U.S., But Food Poisoning Rates Remain High

Salmonella Outbreak Sickens 307 in 37 States

Same Meningitis Strain Behind Drexel, Princeton Outbreaks: CDC

Scientists Examine New Bird Flu's Potential to Spread

Scientists Map DNA of Deadly Fungus

Scientists Say Pressure Allows Herpes Viruses to Infect Cells

Scientists Shed New Light on Cerebral Palsy, Early Infant Death

Scientists Tally Viruses Living in Mammals

Scientists Uncover Breast Milk's Potential Secret Weapon Against HIV

Second Dose of Vaccine Cuts Chickenpox Cases Even More, Study Finds

Serious MRSA Infections in U.S. Declining: CDC

Severe Blood Infections During Childbirth on Rise in U.S. Women

Shortage of Key Drug Hampering U.S. Efforts to Control TB: Report

Signs of Potential Trouble for Nursing Home Residents

Simple Mutations Could Make Flu Viruses More Deadly: Studies

Social Media Helps Pin Down Source of Foodborne Strep Throat Outbreak

Some Antidepressants May Raise Risk for Gastro Infection

Some Birth Defects in the Heart Present Infection Risk, Study Finds

Some 'High-Risk' Kidneys May Be Safe for Organ Transplant: Study

Staph Bacteria May Play Role in Eczema-Like Rash, Mouse Study Finds

States May Be Getting Stricter on Child Vaccine Exemptions

Stomach Bug Outbreak Cases Top 500

Stomach Bug Outbreak Grows, Bagged Salad Implicated

Stomach Bug Outbreak Source in Two States Traced to Mexican Farm

Stomach Bug Outbreak Spreads to More States: CDC

Stomach Bug Vaccine for Infants Protects Entire Community: CDC

Study Adds to Signs Linking HIV to Heart Trouble

Study Debunks Lyme Disease-Autism Link

Study Finds Tonsillectomy Just as Safe for Adults as Kids

Study Probes Origins of 2 Ancient, Deadly Plagues

Study Reveals How New Respiratory Virus Spreads

Study Sees Link Between Mom's Flu, Bipolar Risk for Children

Summer Camp Health Tips for Parents

'Superbug' Can Spread to Nearby Hospitals

'Superbug' MRSA Infections Aren't Dropping in Children: CDC

Swine Flu From 2009 Pandemic Also Struck Sea Otters: Study

Swine Flu's Death Toll May Be Much Higher Than Thought

Taiwan Woman 1st Human Infected With New Strain of Bird Flu

Take Infection Precautions When Using Nasal-Rinsing Products: FDA

Taking Drug to Prevent HIV Doesn't Seem to Encourage Risk-Taking

Texas Woman's Death Highlights Danger of Overlooking Dengue Fever

There's Still Time to Get a Flu Shot

Tick-Borne Illness Babesiosis a Hazard for Seniors: FDA

Time for Docs to Ditch the White Coat?

Tips for Preventing, Coping With Pinkeye

Too Few Americans With Asthma Are Getting Flu Shots, CDC Says

Transfusions With Heart Surgery Might Raise Infection Risk

U.S. Health Officials Still Tracking Source of Stomach Bug Outbreak

U.S. Hospitals Overuse, Misuse Antibiotics, CDC Says

U.S. Lyme Disease Cases Vastly Underreported: CDC

U.S. Malaria Cases Hit 40-Year High

U.S. Teens More Vulnerable to Genital Herpes, Study Suggests

U.S. Traveler Returning From Africa Has Lassa Fever, CDC Says

Unprotected Sex On the Rise Among U.S. Gay Men, CDC Says

Unusual Heat May Have Boosted West Nile Virus Last Year: CDC

Urinary Tract Infection Often Puts Older Men in Hospital

Urine Tests Don't Always Confirm Urinary Infections, Study Finds

VA Program Reduces MRSA Germ Cases at Long-Term Care Centers

Vaginal Gel Might Prevent HIV Hours After Exposure

Vinegar May Be Cheap, Safe Way to Kill TB Germ

Walking May Be Good Medicine for Kidney Patients

Want to Stay Healthy? Try Washing Your Hands

West Nile Virus Has Cost U.S. Nearly $800 Million: CDC

Whooping Cough Outbreaks Tied to Parents Shunning Vaccines

Women May Have Natural Defense Against Common STD

Younger Adults Who've Had Shingles May Face Higher Stroke Risk

Your Aquarium Can Be Source of Skin Infections

Your Flu Shot May Also Help Your Heart

Your Pooch Could Raise Your Home's Bacteria Count


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