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A Deadly Form of Diabetes That Doctors Sometimes Miss

Advance Seen in Turning Adult Cells Into Stem Cells

Air Pollution Linked to Dry Eye Syndrome in Study

Anemia Might Raise Dementia Risk, Study Suggests

Are There 2 Types of Gulf War Illness?

Autism Sign May Appear in First Months of Life

Blacks Respond Better to German Measles Vaccine, Study Contends

Bone Marrow Fat May Raise Osteoporosis Risk, Study Says

Boomers Should Consider Shingles Vaccine, Physician Says

Boys Have Higher Death Rates From Many Causes, Study Shows

Breast-Feeding Might Reduce Moms' Odds of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Calling Obesity a Disease May Have 'Boomerang Effect'

CDC: Docs Aren't Doing Enough to Discourage Problem Drinking

Chickenpox Vaccine Not Responsible for Rise in Shingles, Study Says

Chronically Ill Americans May Skip Meds to Afford Food

Cinnamon May Help Ease Common Cause of Infertility, Study Says

College Women More Prone to Problem Drinking Than Men: Study

Coordinated Care Helps Elderly With Chronic Diseases

'Cycling' Antibiotics Might Help Combat Resistance, Study Suggests

Deadly Brain Illness Discovered in British Family

Disability Often Goes Hand-in-Hand With Old Age

Docs Use 3-D Printer to Create Lifesaving Airway Device for Infant

Dog Cancer Dates Back 11,000 Years, Scientists Say

Don't Let Migraines Ruin Your Holidays

Don't Routinely Test for Kidney Disease in Those Without Symptoms: Experts

Exercise May Ease Pain of Fibromyalgia, Study Suggests

Exercise Seems to Ease Parkinson's-Related Depression

Experimental Drug Shows Promise for Rare Genetic Disorder

Experimental Treatment May Help Fight Deadly Ebola Virus

Extra Vitamin D May Ease Crohn's Symptoms, Study Finds

Eye 'Training' May Help Restore Some Vision Lost to Glaucoma

FDA Defines 'Gluten-Free' for Food Labels

Fewer Infants Hospitalized for Whooping Cough, Study Finds

French Revolution Leader May Have Had Immune-System Disorder

Gene Might Be Linked to Sleep Disorder Narcolepsy

Gene Research May Help Spot Baby's Obesity Risk

H1N1 Flu Spreading in South-Central U.S.

Headaches Accompanying Lupus Often Not Disease-Related, Study Finds

Hepatitis B Screening Proposed for All High-Risk Adults

Home Treadmills May Help People With Poor Leg Circulation

Hospital Policy Spurs New Moms to Get Whooping Cough Shot

Inside the Autistic Brain: New Research Challenges Current Beliefs

Insights Gained Into Tourette Syndrome

Irregular Periods May Be Risk Factor for Ovarian Cancer, Study Suggests

Is the Stethoscope Living on Borrowed Time?

Kidney Disease Patients Can Benefit From Exercise: Study

Lab-Grown Vaginas, Noses Herald New Options for Patients

Ladies, Take 5 Steps to Avoid Osteoporosis

Lengthy Car, Plane Rides Pose Risk of Clots

Low Blood Sugar Levels May Pose Heart Risks for Diabetics, Review Suggests

Lyrica May Ease Pain for Depressed Fibromyalgia Patients

Many ADHD Drugs Linked to Painful Erections: FDA

Many Lupus Patients Forgo Needed Medication, Study Finds

Measles Still a Threat, U.S. Health Officials Warn

Meet Henry the Hand: A Crusading Doctor's Right-Hand Man

Mental Decline Seen Earlier When Epilepsy Present, Study Suggests

Meth Use Tied to Deadly Brain Infection in Mouse Study

Moms With Lupus More Likely to Have Children With Autism, Study Suggests

More Evidence Environmental Exposures Contribute to Autism

Mother's Asthma During Pregnancy May Raise Child's Health Risks

Muhammad Ali's Daughter Champions Fight Against Parkinson's Disease

Neanderthal DNA Influences Modern Humans: Study

New Clues to Fibromyalgia's Causes

No-Fridge Nasal Vaccines on the Horizon

Old Bones Give Clues to Leprosy's Demise in Europe

Parents' Feeding Choices May Raise Baby's Risk for Celiac Disease

People With Borderline Personality Disorder May Misinterpret Facial Emotions

Pesticide Exposure May Raise Parkinson's Risk, Study Suggests

Pond Scum Holds Dangers for People, Pets

Rare Eye Disease Leaves People Without an Iris

Recently Emerged MERS Virus Less Infectious Than SARS: Study

Research Probes Autism's Origins in the Brain

Rheumatoid Arthritis Increases Potential for Blood Clots, Study Suggests

Scientists Discover Another Genetic Code

Scientists ID Gene Linked to Aggressive Liver Cancer

Scientists ID Genes Behind Chronic Mountain Sickness

Sleep Apnea May Be Linked to Glaucoma, Study Says

Sleep Apnea May Be Linked to Poor Bone Health

Smokers Cost Employers Thousands More Than Nonsmokers

Smokers Have Higher Complication Risk After Colon Surgery, Study Finds

Spinal Fluid Test May Aid Early Detection of Parkinson's Disease

Study Aging, Not Disease, for Real Benefits, Scientists Say

Study Links Coffee to Lower Risk for Rare Liver Disease

Study Probes Origins of 2 Ancient, Deadly Plagues

Study Reveals How New Respiratory Virus Spreads

Study Yields Genetic Clue to Rare Lung Disease

TB Vaccine May Work Against Multiple Sclerosis: Study

'The Pill' Tied to Raised Risk of Glaucoma

Too Few Kids Use Fast-Food Calorie Info, Study Finds

Too Much Online Health Info May Worsen Worriers' Anxiety

Tuberculosis in U.S. Hits Record Low: CDC

U.S. Doctors' Group Labels Obesity a Disease

U.S. Drinking Water Sanitation Still a Concern: CDC

U.S. Lagging Other Countries on Many Health Measures

U.S. Malaria Cases Hit 40-Year High

Vaccines Prevent Millions of Infections, Save Billions in Costs: CDC

Vitamin D Levels Linked to Parkinson's Symptoms

Walking Speed a Good Gauge of MS Disability, Study Says

Want to Stay Healthy? Try Washing Your Hands

Weather Doesn't Trigger Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Study Finds

Whooping Cough Cases Rise as Parents Opt Out of Vaccine

Will New Gout Findings Get a Toehold?

Word Tests at Age 2 Might Predict Gains for Kids With Autism, Study Finds

Your Aquarium Can Be Source of Skin Infections


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