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Being Web-Savvy Tied to Better Health in Seniors: Study

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Blood Pressure Drug Might Boost Chemo Success, Mouse Study Suggests

Blood Test Aims to Predict Breast Cancer's Return

'Body Clock' May Explain Why Some Body Parts Age Faster Than Others

Bones Benefit From Exercise After Breast Cancer, Study Finds

Breast Cancer Diagnosed at Later Stage in Rural Patients: Study

Breast Cancer Patients Have Unrelated Plastic Surgery After Reconstruction

Breast-Density Changes May Be Tied to Cancer Risk: Study

Breast-Feeding May Protect Some Women Against Breast Cancer

Can Eating Peanut Butter Cut Breast Cancer Risk in Later Life?

Can Long-Term Night Work Raise Breast Cancer Risk?

Can Some Women Safely Skip Breast Surgery?

Cancer Patients May Face Higher Bankruptcy Odds

Cheaper 'Gene Panel' Screening May Reveal Cancer Risks

Chemo for Advanced Breast Cancer Might Be Enough

Could a Neck Injection Ease Tough-to-Bear Hot Flashes?

Could Daughter's Cancer Risk Be Affected by Father's Age at Birth?

Cutting Unneeded CT Scans in Kids Could Lower Future Cancer Risk

Daily Exercise Lowers Breast Cancer Risk: Study

Daily Tasks a Challenge for Many Older Breast Cancer Patients

Daily Walk May Cut Your Breast Cancer Risk

Doctors May Need to Revise How They Evaluate Breast Biopsy Results

Double Mastectomy May Benefit Some Women With Inherited Breast Cancer

Doubling Time on Tamoxifen Cuts Odds for Breast Cancer's Return: Study

Drinking Before First Pregnancy Raises Risk of Breast Cancer: Study

Drug Arimidex Cuts Risk for Breast Cancer in Older, High-Risk Women: Study

Drug May Help Slow Advanced Breast Cancer

Even When Breast Cancer Gene Test Is Negative, Risk Can Persist: Study

Exercise Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk in Black Women

Exercise May Help Breast Cancer Survivors Battle Bone Loss

Exercise Might Ease Joint Pain Caused by Breast Cancer Drugs

Expanded DNA Testing Might Allow Personalized Breast Cancer Treatment

Experimental Breast Cancer Drug Seems Safe, Effective for Advanced Disease

Experts Call for Redefinition of 'Cancer'

Experts Urge Routine Test for All Patients With Invasive Breast Cancer

Family History of Cancer May Raise Risk for Other Types of Tumors

FDA Approves First 'Pre-Surgical' Drug for Breast Cancer

FDA Warns Against Nipple Test for Breast Cancer Screening

Fertility Drugs May Not Raise Breast Cancer Risk: Study

Fine-Tuning Breast Cancer Treatments: What Works Better?

First Generic Version of Xeloda Approved

Fish Habit May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk, Study Suggests

Frequent Mammograms Tied to Lower Risk of Breast Cancer Spread

Gene Exam Might Predict Breast Cancer Progression

Health Tip: Exercising After Breast Cancer

Health Tip: Performing a Breast Self-Exam

Healthy Grilling Tips for Summer Barbecues

High-Fat Diet May Boost Breast Cancer Risk

Hormone Levels May Help Predict Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Implants May Delay Breast Cancer Detection, Raise Death Risk

Just How Might Exercise Lower Breast Cancer Risk?

Longer Wait for Mammogram After Benign Breast Biopsy May Be Warranted

Low Breast-Feeding Rate Linked to Early Deaths, Illnesses: Study

Mammogram Recalls Higher at Hospitals Than Private Practices: Study

Mammograms Can Measure How Breast Cancer Drug Is Working: Study

Mammography Doesn't Reduce Breast Cancer Death Rates: U.K. Study

Many Black Women Prone to Gene-Driven Breast Cancer: Study

Many Breast Cancer Survivors Suffer Financially, Study Finds

Many Women Still Have Pain One Year After Breast Cancer Surgery

Many Women Suffer Persistent Pain After Mastectomy

Many Young Breast Cancer Patients May Opt for a Mastectomy

Menopausal Hot Flashes Might Be More Intense for Cancer Survivors

Metformin Won't Aid Breast Cancer Survival in Diabetics

Mexican Women's Breast Cancer Risk Tied to Breast-Feeding?

Money Problems Can Compromise Breast Cancer Care

More Black Women in U.S. Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, Report Finds

More Breast Cancer Patients Choosing Reconstructive Surgery, Study Finds

More Women Consider Gene Test After Angelina Jolie Mastectomy Revelation

Most Breast Cancer Deaths Occur in Younger, Unscreened Women: Study

Most Men With Breast Cancer Undergo Mastectomy, Study Finds

Most Women Don't Understand Their Breast Cancer Risk: Survey

MRI May Not Improve Outcomes for Early Form of Breast Cancer

MRIs May Spur Unneeded Mastectomies in Older Women With Breast Cancer

Necks, Butts Growth Areas for U.S. Plastic Surgeons

New Analysis Confirms Hormone Therapy Won't Prevent Disease After Menopause

New Clues to Why Black Women Fare Worse Against Breast Cancer

New Guidelines Might Limit Need for Lymph Node Removal for Breast Cancer

New Look at Past Studies Highlights Importance of Mammograms

New Review Suggests Benefits of Annual Mammograms Are Overstated

New Treatment for Aggressive Breast Cancer Shows Some Promise

Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers Tied to Risk for Other Cancers

Novel Drug Shows Promise for Early Stage Breast Cancer

Obesity, Smoking Might Threaten Implants After Mastectomy

'One-Stop' Radiation Treatment Might Offer Breast Cancer Care Alternative

Only High-Risk Women Need Breast Cancer Gene Test: Experts

Ovarian Cancer Gene May Point to Early Removal of Ovaries: Study

Perjeta Approved for Early Stage Breast Cancer

Poorer Women Delay Examination of Breast Lumps, Study Suggests

Progress Against Cancer May Be Greater Than Thought

Race, Income Tied to Breast Cancer Treatment Delays, Reduced Survival

Radiation for Breast Cancer May Raise Heart Risks: Study

Report Sees Continued Advances in War Against Cancer

Researchers Focus on Likelihood of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Routine Mammograms Found Not Helpful for Most Women Over 70

Running Might Beat Walking for Breast Cancer Survivors

Rural Women Less Likely to Get Preferred Breast Cancer Treatment: Study

Shorter Radiation Course Appears Effective for Early Breast Cancer

'Sleep Hormone' Tied to Possible Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

Slight Drop in Rate of Advanced Cancers, CDC Says

So-Called 'Apple Shape' Not a Risk Factor for Breast Cancer: Study

Socializing May Ease Pain of Breast Cancer

Some Women Cite Personal Growth After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Stem Cells From Fat Might Improve Plastic Surgery

Study Compares Treatments for Arm Swelling Due to Breast Cancer

Study Questions Use of Less-Invasive Lymph Node Surgery for Breast Cancer

Study Supports Radiation When Breast Cancer Spreads to Few Lymph Nodes

Tamoxifen's Mental Side Effects Are Real, Study Shows

Targeted Radiation Might Help Fight Advanced Breast Cancer: Study

Terms Docs Use Can Influence Patients' Cancer Choices

Testing Lung Cancer Patients for Gene May Aid Treatment, Study Finds

Tests May Someday Show Which Breast, Prostate Cancers Will Turn Aggressive

Troubled Launch of 'Obamacare' Tops Health News for 2013

U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Decline: Report

U.S. Cancer Deaths Decline Again: Report

Unfounded Fear Prompts Some Preventive Mastectomies: Study

Use of Breast MRIs Way Up, Studies Find

Vegetables in Childhood May Benefit Breast Health

Which Women Might Benefit From Drugs to Prevent Breast Cancer?

Whole-Genome Scans Not Quite Ready for Widespread Use: Study

Women at High Breast Cancer Risk Should Consider Preventive Drugs: Experts

Women Vets May Need More Access to Breast Cancer Services

Yoga May Help Breast Cancer Patients During Radiation Therapy

Yoga May Reduce Fatigue, Inflammation in Breast Cancer Survivors


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