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Allergy Season Springs Into Bloom

Asthma Linked to Bone Loss in Study

Black Children, Teens More Likely to Return to Hospital for Asthma: Study

Cat Allergies Double Among Asthma Sufferers, Study Reveals

Children's Asthma Linked to Air Pollution in 2nd Trimester: Study

Climate Change Will Make Breathing in Summer Harder: Study

Combo Therapy Best for COPD: Study

Common Asthma Meds May Raise Sleep Apnea Risk, Study Says

Common Respiratory Diseases Tied to Lung Cancer Risk

Costs a Barrier to Asthma Care for Some Kids

Dogs May Guard Babies Against Asthma, Allergies

Even Thinking an Odor is Harmful May Spur Asthma Symptoms

Expectant Mothers' Colds May Affect Baby

FDA Approves New Treatment for People With COPD

FDA Panel Says No to Over-the-Counter Allergy Drug Singulair

Few Parents Use Kids' Asthma Meds Correctly: Study

Few Students With Asthma, Allergies Have School Emergency Plan

Health Tip: Create an Asthma Action Plan

Health Tip: Dealing With a Child's Cough

Health Tip: Exercising Despite Allergies and Asthma

Health Tip: Getting Rid of Dust Mites

Health Tip: Pay Attention to Air Pollution

Health Tip: Take it Easy on Chemical Cleaners

Health Tip: Things That Can Trigger Asthma

Health Tip: Thwart Mold at Home

Last Two Ozone-Depleting Inhalers Being Phased Out

Less Variety in Babies' Gut Bacteria May Lead to Asthma Risk

Many Asthma Patients Don't Stick to Treatment Plan, Study Finds

Much More Must Be Done to Lower Smoking Rates, Experts Say

Nebulizers May Not Deliver Full Drug Dose to Kids With Asthma

Nonwhites Exposed to More Air Pollution: Study

Obesity During Pregnancy Linked to Raised Asthma Risk in Kids

Older Women With Asthma Face Worse Health Outcomes

Premature Birth Linked to Asthma, Wheezing in Childhood

Prenatal Exposure to Chemicals in Plastics Linked to Asthma Risk in Kids

Preterm Birth May Raise Child's Asthma Risk, Study Suggests

Probiotics Don't Prevent Childhood Asthma, Study Finds

Putting Baby to Sleep on Animal Fur May Lower Asthma Risk: Study

September Peak Month for Kids' Asthma Flares: Study

Smoking Bans Linked to Drop in Premature Births, Kids' Asthma Attacks

Smoking Before Fatherhood May Raise Asthma Risk in Kids: Study

Study Probes Link Between Early Antibiotic Use, Asthma

Study: Women at Higher Risk for Allergies, Asthma

Testing for Smoke Exposure May Predict Rehospitalization for Asthma

Too Few Americans With Asthma Are Getting Flu Shots, CDC Says

Too-Clean Homes May Encourage Child Allergies, Asthma: Study

Traffic Smog Tied to Hospital Stays for White Kids With Asthma

U.S. Health Snapshots: Insurance Coverage Expands, but Gaps Remain

Ultramarathoners: How's Their Health?

Vitamin D Supplements May Not Help Ease Asthma

When Colds, Flu Lead to Complications in Kids

Women With Asthma May Take Longer to Get Pregnant: Study

Yoga May Not Help Ease Asthma, Study Suggests


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