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What Are the Symptoms of Bladder Cancer?

What Are the Symptoms of Bladder Cancer?

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Early attention to symptoms is the best way to find and treat bladder cancer. The earlier bladder cancer is found, the easier it is to treat and the better your chance of being cured.

Symptoms of bladder cancer can also be caused by other, less serious problems. To find out the cause of these symptoms, your doctor will do a series of tests, ask about your exposure to risk factors, and do a complete medical history.

These are some of the main symptoms of bladder cancer.

Blood in the urine

Blood is often the first sign of bladder cancer. The color of urine may be pink or deep red, depending on the amount of blood. There may be so little blood in the urine that it can only be seen by looking at the urine under a microscope. In this case, the problem is usually found during a routine checkup with your doctor.

Blood in the urine does not always mean that bladder cancer is present. Other conditions can also cause it, such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease, bladder or kidney stones, noncancerous tumors, or injuries to the abdomen.

Change in urinary habits 

Urinating more frequently than usual or having discomfort when urinating can be symptoms of bladder cancer. Again, these symptoms may be due to other medical problems. In men, for example, these symptoms may be due to an enlarged prostate gland.

Pain or a burning sensation during urination 

Pain is rarely a symptom of bladder cancer in the early stages. However, some people may experience discomfort when they urinate. It’s often due to other medical problems.

If you have any of these symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible. Remember, the earlier bladder cancer is found, the easier it is to treat.


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