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They fascinate. They repel. Some pose a danger. Most are harmless. And whether they are seen as scary creatures or colorful curiosities, snakes play important environmental roles in the fragile ecosystems of the nation's wildlife areas.

1. The most common venomous snakes in the United States are native to all states except:
2. When they bite, what percent of the time do snakes inject venom?
3. When are venomous snakes safe to handle?
4. There are two varieties of coral snakes: eastern and western. The bite of the eastern coral snake is considered deadly. In which states would you be likely to find the eastern coral snake?
5. If a snake bites you, or someone you are with, what things are important to observe and remember?
6. What does the bite of a rattlesnake look like?
7. What does the bite of a coral snake look like?
8. The venom injected by rattlesnakes causes which of the following reactions?
9. Which snake has the least potent venom?
10. First aid for snakebite should include which of the following?
11. What can you do to lower your risk for being bitten?
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