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Emergency Center

Emergency CenterPhoebe's Emergency Center is a Level II provider, staffed by full-time
physicians who provide 24-hour care, seven days a week.

Lending support to the physicians is our team of registered nurses and paramedics. The majority of the Emergency Center licensed caregivers are certified in advanced cardiac life support, as well as trauma and pediatrics.

More than 52,000 patients come through the doors of Phoebe's Emergency Center each year. In addition to the care they receive from our skilled emergency physicians, our patients also have access to the expertise of nearly 150 specialists on Phoebe's medical staff.

Within its 25,000 square feet are 36 private rooms including a resuscitation room and two stand-alone trauma rooms specifically designed to complement our trauma system in caring for the injured patient. A dedicated Chest Pain Center is located adjacent to the Emergency Center to diagnose and treat patients with acute cardiac problems.

The Emergency Center is for those with serious problems of an urgent nature. Persons with minor illnesses or injuries are encouraged to seek treatment at their physician's office or at one of Phoebe's two ConvenientCare locations.