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Phoebe Cancer Center

A Center of Hope for Cancer Treatment in Southwest Georgia

The Phoebe Cancer Center offers more reason for hope and healing. Today, Southwest Georgians can stay close to home and receive the most advanced cancer therapies.

There have been more new treatments discovered for cancer in the last six years than in the previous thirty. Because of these powerful new weapons, the survival rate for all types of cancer is more than double what it was a few short decades ago.

For more information about treatment options or to schedule an appointment, call the Phoebe Cancer Center at  1-800-490-0684.

The Phoebe Cancer Center accreditations are: Commission on Cancer with Commendations by the American College of Surgeons, The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), also by the American College of Surgeons.

100 Years: A Century of Commitment
Every day all across Southwest Georgia, farmers, teachers and craftsmen work to help the region grow, making our future brighter every day. And as they do, there's a health care system, one of America's best doing the same thing, growing with our region to assure your family access to world-class health care every day ...