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Exceptional Gastroenterology Disease Treatment

Phoebe Gastroenterology Associates has been a part of providing exceptional patient care for more than 30 years.

Located on the first floor of the Digestive Health Center, Phoebe Gastroenterology Associates is recognized as one of the finest gastroenterology centers in the Southeast.

Aided by the most advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment available, your healthcare team provides quality care in a world-class facility designed specifically for patients with digestive disorders.

Phoebe Gastroenterology Features:

  • 30 exam rooms (exam rooms are arranged into 8 pods)
  • 10 Triage rooms
  • 3 Clinical Trials rooms
  • 10 physician offices
  • Lab
  • Capsule Lab (capsule endoscopy)

We’ve grown to become one of the most respected digestive disease centers, offering specialized gastroenterology patient care. As a leading clinic, we are prepared to treat virtually every kind of gastrointestinal related healthcare problems.

For more information about Phoebe Gastroenterology Associates, please call (229) 312-0698.